LBMind Company

Name: The Land Of Beautiful Mind (abbreviated as LBMind)

Name in Persian: sarzamin-e zehn-e ziba

Head-office address: Iran, Tehran, Asad-abadi ave., 28th st., Bistoon st., No. 73, Unit 5

Tele-fax: +98 21 8848 2038

Website: www.Lbmind.Com (main language: Persian)



Social Networks

Facebook (main language: persian / actually this account is not an active one, due to some governmental restrictions on “facebook.Com” in iran!)

Instagram (more than 10.5k followers)

Telegram (about 1000 subscribers)


Company active: since 2009

Main field of activity: importing, distributing and selling board-games and card-games

Territory: Iranian market (game-shops, toy-shops, book-stores, game-cafes, websites)

Capable of distributing games in Middle East countries


Company’s business organization

lbmind is now co-operating with almost 15 great companies (mainly the European ones):
Gigamic (since 2009)
Gen42 games (2011)
Lonpos (2012)
Maxim enterprise, inc. (2013-2014)
Mi toys (since 2015)
Iello games, Amigo spiele, Blue orange games, Queen games, Czech games edition and Heye puzzles (athesia kalenderverlag) (since 2017)
Thames and kosmos (since 2018)

And more....

  • Lbmind is the sole distributor of some of the mentioned brands (such as Gigamic, Smart games, Zoch verlag and etc…) in Iran.
  • On the other hand, Lbmind is co-operating with more than 150 Iranian game-shops, toy-shops, book-stores, game-cafes (almost 25 game-cafes have been opened in Iran during the last year and they are increasing rapidly) and websites.
  • Lbmind has also been active in optics field, co-operating with Samyang optics and Cokin filters (2011-2014 / website).

Our team

The person in-charge: Mr. Hani fotovat (CEO)

The contact person for commercial talks: Mr. Kioomars q-mars Ghanbari azar (commercial manager) 

Mr. Majid Ali-nejad and Mr. Morteza Ashoori (public communications, advertising and websites managers)

Mr. Nima arash, Mr. Hesam Niavarani, Mr. Alireza Kadkhodayi, Mr. Nima Elmi and Mr. Arman Zamiri (sales department)

Mrs. Elmira Barazandeh (financial manager)



Company’s additional activities

LbMind is really determined to develop gaming in Iran and to do so, has translated all games instructions to Persian (Farsi) and made educational videos of how to play games which can be found on our Aparat channel. www.Lbmind.Com or www.Aparat.Com/lbmind.Com:
Some other samples:
LBMind has also started to upload files like rulebooks and educational videos on Boardgamegeek website:

کلیه حقوق این وب سایت متعلق به شرکت سرزمین ذهن زیبا می باشد.

طراحی و توسعه: نیکو وب

تماس با سرزمین ذهن زیبا

تماس با بخش فروش: 88482038

تماس با مدیریت: 88728961 و 88728962